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Future Proof WWTP's - Designing for Climate Change

Prepare your WWTP for unpredictable decades starting in the conceptual design phase


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June 23rd, 2022

10:00am CST / 5:00pm CET

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Learn how to handle various effects of climate change for your next WWTP project

When it comes to capital planning activities, utilities and their consulting partners struggle to keep up with the demands of the future - there simply isn't enough time or budget to assess all potential options.

Scenarios like ever-changing regulatory requirements, weather conditions, population models, emerging contaminants, and advances in treatment technology are difficult to plan for. 

In this webinar, we will discuss how design automation tools can efficiently support your design process by allowing you to compare multiple scenarios options for different projects; helping build WWTP's of the future.

Rudi Botha and Adam Tank, two veteran members of our team, will be demoing an easy-to-use platform that will help you streamline your conceptual design processes.

Here's what they'll cover in 1 hour:

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Climate Change Effect on WWTP designs

Creating scenarios with TDG focusing on features like wet weather flow, temperature, influent and effluent data

Interactive Q&A

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Look at some of the sample outputs below:

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Meet your hosts:

Rudi Botha

Process Engineer, Transcend

Rudi is one of our rock-star process engineers with a great passion for sustainability. She can answer your deep technical questions about wastewater and biogas designs. She can also drive a helicopter. 

Adam Tank

Chief Customer Officer, Transcend

Adam is passionate about bringing change to the water industry to reach a sustainable future. He is an industry expert and can answer your business strategy questions and what advantages TDG can bring you.

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