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December 9th

9:00am CST / 4:00pm CET

Water & wastewater treatment companies often find engineering design quickly becoming the bottleneck for getting high-quality, standard proposals to their customers… with the level of detail and SPEED 21st-century customers expect. Because sales reps aren’t able to access engineering design tools or they are far too cumbersome to use, water and wastewater OEM’s lose deals or make more ‘no-go’ decisions on projects they would like to ‘go’ on, simply because their engineering teams don’t have capacity to generate as many proposals as required.

Growth is challenging. 

What if we showed you a way to make your existing budgetary proposal process go much faster? In this webinar, we will discuss how design automation tools can enable business growth, without spending resource-limited and costly sales engineering hours.

Transcend Design Generator was built to support your budgetary proposal process.

Sahil Chaini, our Customer Success Leader, and two veteran Transcend team members, Imre Toth and Adam Tank, share a peek behind the curtain — demoing an easy-to-use platform that will make your budgetary proposal processes easier than ever. 

Here's what they'll cover in 1 hour:

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Industry overview and business challenges of OEMs and Technology Providers

Use cases and experience from our current clients

How TDG can fit into the business processes

Demo of Transcend Design Generator

Configuration options for Enterprise customers

Interactive Q&A

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Instantly create high quality, accurate, engineered proposals

  • Create custom proposals to grow your equipment & solutions business with Transcend's simple user interface, background engineering calculations, and editable outputs.
  • Leverage automated sizing, selection, and configuration specific to your water and wastewater treatment technology and/or equipment. Documents and proposals are created with customized branding and content


Transcend’s software accomplishes what traditional CPQ tools SHOULD do – alleviate bottlenecks in the proposal process for commercial teams - and also automates the preliminary engineering and decision making that goes into selecting, sizing, and designing equipment in addition to creating high quality, error-free proposals that match the look and feel of a typical proposal generated for a given client.

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Meet your hosts:

Sahil Chaini

Customer Success Leader

As our Customer Success Leader, Sahil is in day-to-day contact with our enterprise clients helping their onboarding and adaption process with TDG. She can give you insights into how our OEM and Technology Provider clients utilize TDG and the business objectives achieved through the use of the tool.

Imre Toth

Director - Engineering, Transcend

Imre leads Transcend's process engineering work and helped to build the system from the beginning. He is an experienced process engineer and can answer all of your deep technical questions. 

Adam Tank

Director - Software Solutions, Transcend

Adam is passionate about bringing change to the water industry to reach a sustainable future. He is an industry expert and can answer your business strategy questions and what advantages TDG can bring you.

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